Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brewers Reds opening game

My strongest reaction to this game, is that the Brewers are sending out a lineup which inclueds Carlos Gomez (.293 career OBP) in the 2 hole, and Kotsay, Betancourt, and Nieves 6-8. These for people are a complete pile of waste, every one of which is worse than the Cubs worst hitter, probably Blake Dewitt/Jeff Baker platoon. This is supposed to be the only team that can hang with the Reds?

Even when Corey Hart plays I don't think this lineup is salvageable. Hart hasn't had a very good career outside of last year. You also have to figure Weeks will probably be injured by then, so the lineup will actually be worse.


  1. The Brewers, regardless of the quality of the first half of their season, seem to always fail to come through down the stretch. But what if they pick up Silva? Silva said the Cubs would regret letting him go, especially if he pitched against them. That's got me worried.


  2. The Cubs need to reach out to Latverian youth to ever have a chance of doing anything.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cubs had a low scoring game against Silva. Other teams will hit him hard though.