Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to the Loan Wolf Mike Quade

About this blog:
I'm not going to promise no-nonsense analysis. There will be plenty of nonsense here. This blog should last at least two years, the duration of Quade's contract. However, if the Cubs fall out of contention at some point in 2012, they might trade him to a contender.

Who am I? I am a big Cubs fan who has been frustrated by years of bad management, but so far I like Mike Quade a lot. Hopefully there is a lot more praise than critism.

No free passes will be issued for wins despite bad managing, just as a loss will not automatically be bad. I fully appreciate that anything can happen in one game. Bad decisions can save a game, good decisions can blow a game. The immediate results have to be ignored, going with what makes since before you know what happens.

The title draws from a Chuck Norris movie, not meant to be indicitive of whether or not Mike Quade is actually a lone wolf.

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