Thursday, April 7, 2011

Soriano jacks his third tater

I think tater is a stupid name for a home run, so I mostly use it in jest.

Might we be seeing a return to 07-08 Soriano? I can't say it's impossible, but the older he gets the less likely that is. He's now 35 yaers old coming off two years that were considerably below that level.

We can write off 2009, he was not at 100% the entire year due to a problem with his knees. He dropped off in virtually every category. Going into 2010 I was hopeful for a sizeable reboud. We did get a rebound but it was not very sizeable. He hit more homers and had a higher batting average.

So far this year he's got a homer every other game, which would be a pace of 81 per year, and he's hitting .273, which is a jump up from last year. Soriano has always been a very streaky hitter. Maybe last year he just had one less hot streak? In 2007 his year as a whole wasn't that good, until he nearly doubled his home run total in September. In 08 he had a wretched April but was better the rest of the way.

Maybe in 2010 he just missed out on one extended hot streak?

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