Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cubs Climb without playing -- they're that good

Yesterday saw a cold day for the Reds, who continue to slide, and an even colder day for the Cubs who didn't want to play.

The Reds have fallen to an earthly 9-8. The Cubs are just a half game back. They got their new big ticket starter in game one against an 0-3 SD starter, Mosley. His ERA is quite good, but he has more walks than strikeouts. His ERA appears to be a fluke. More walks than strikeouts = bad. Garza has been pretty good, limiting the balls put in play.

I'm not sure who is pitching game 2, possibly Casey Coleman. Wells and Cashner are still a couple weeks away from returning.

It's a beautiful day for a bus ride, lets take 2. - Ernie Banks.

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