Wednesday, April 6, 2011

cubs fall back to even

The two game winning streak is over. The absence of Pena hurts a bit. I think his patient approach makes the whole team better. That was especially evident today, the Cubs did not work the count much.

I was pretty confident going into this game, thinking that the Cubs would get to face a crummy bullpen and have a chance to comeback if they were behind late. The lack of patience and working the pitch count helped Gallaraga go 7 innings, so they only had to face 2 relievers. Putz is a good one, the 8th inning guy wasn't but he got out of it. It would have been nice to have a 7th inning against a reliever even worse than that.

Dempster is off to a bad start. Hopefully that ends sooner rather than later. Overall he didn't look as bad as his results; he did not walk a man. I'm not too worried about him going forward.

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