Monday, April 4, 2011

Cubs get it done

Once again the offense avoided the strike out, which I like to see. They got 4 runs for their efforts. It would be nice to score before the 8th inning though. Soriano is looking good all of a sudden. This is what I mean when I say the cubs have the best 5-8 hitters in the division in Soto, Pena, Soriano, and the rotating 8th man.

I cringed when Grabow came in but it was without incident. Didn't like starting Fukudome over Reed Johnson. What is Reed Johnson on the team for if not for this? Certainly not to pinch hit vs Joel Hanrahan with the game on the line.

I started paying attention to the nastiness factor on gameday. Kerry Wood hit 86 with a slider, which was the highest score I saw. I haven't seen very much though; this probably isn't the high score on the year.

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