Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cubs go above 500 for the first time since 09

Cashner looked pretty good, getting lots of ground balls and only 2 hits. He was hitting 96 on the radar gun. He didn't get very many K's, but he might have just been focusing on some more basic principles like getting the fastball to go where you want in your first start.

I'm a big fan of Quade big picture but I don't like the way he is during game time. The bullpen management is very questionable. He must have really wanted to get Marshall the save, which, to me is much less important than using him in the most high leverage situation when runners started to get on base in the 7th. Teh 9th inning is rarely the hardest inning, especially when it's the lower part of the order.

For me the most encouraging thing in this game was Colvin's strikeout. He saw 9 pitches before finally punching out. I like to see high pitch counts on the other guy. Colvin got a good look at everything Barry Engright had to offer. Next at bat he laid off two balls and then jacked a 2 run homer. Seeing pitches helps you get better as a hitter.

There were two pinch hit spots that I think should have been made. 1- Colvin facing a sidearm lefty. Side armers are particularly tough on same-handed batters, and particularly ineffective against opposite handed hitters. Could have had Reed Johnson or Darwin Barney here. Colvin walked on 4 straight so it didn't matter. We didn't know that in advance though.

Later in the inning, Russel batting? He just blew a lead, do we really need him to pitch the 9th that badly? Dewitt could have taken the at bat, played second and had baker shift to first. With the bases loaded, this could have easily been a much bigger inning.

I'm not sure who I would pick for player of the game. This was really a team effort. See you tomorrow for another day game.

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