Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cubs Minor Leaguers

Lots of good news from the Double-A affiliate Tennesee Smokies. Brett Jackson is hitting .385 through the first 10 games. He's also featuring more walks than strikeouts. Josh Vitters is hitting .333 and has only struck out 3 times. He's also walked 3 teams, bringing the total number of 3's to 5.

Trey McNutt pitched only 2 2/3 innings on the tenth but hasn't pitched since. It appears he must be injured. Chris Carpenter (not the Cardinal) is doing pretty good for the Iowa Cubs.

These are some of the Cubs top prospects. The Iowa Cubs are hitting very good but it appears to be more Jake Fox types than legit prospects. For those who don't know Jake Fox demolished in triple-A the likes of which we've never seen. 17 homers in about a month and a half. He's not a quality everyday player though.

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