Friday, April 1, 2011

Darwin Barney starting 2B

The Cubs have 3 players in contention for second, Blake Dewitt, Darwin Barney, and Jeff Baker. I'm assuming Barney is the best defender of the group, being primarily a shortstop. I know Baker isn't bad, and Dewitt kinda is bad, or at best average.

I think the defense is the logic behind this move. I don't mind it at this stage, because you really don't know who is going to hit on opening day, erroring on the side of defense. I don't like the fact that Spring numbers are the justification. They can be fun to look at but they are really meaningless. Even one month of regular season hitting stats is pretty useless.

I hope over the course of the year Dewitt is given a lot of opportunities to face right handed pitching. I have to assume he will be the best in the role with the limited data we have.

My biggest issue with Barney is that he might be a hacker. Hitters that go up swinging at everything get on my nerves. Know that the opposing pitcher wants you to swing, especially early in the count. He also has very low power.

Dewitt is more patient, will take more walks. He also has a bit more power. He hit 5 homers last year but with a full season in Wrigley I wouldn't be surprised to see him hit 10 or more. I think he has the best approach and is the best pure hitter of the group, at least vs Righties.

I will say that I think the decision to go with Barney over Baker is probably the right one. Baker wasn't that great even in Colorado, so moving out of Colorado can only hurt. I know he was good in his initial part season with the Cubs, but everybody has hot stretches, except Koyie Hill. Sorry Hill.

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