Friday, April 1, 2011

Perhaps the end of the beginning

The Cubs played pretty good, tallying a bunch of hits. Couldn't get much across the plate without a lot of help from defense. They came within a few feet of tying the game at one point. Defense was tight, but if you can't throw out Alvarez trying to steal, who can you through out? I think the weather was a big factor in Dempster's control issues, can't do much about that. They avoided strike outs all day. Some bad luck on location of batted balls when people were on base plagued them all day.

The Bad:
Soriano looked pretty bad. He got off to a 2-0 count and decided he better start hacking at pitches outside the zone to avoid walking. He's always been streaky so he'll look bad at times. Samardzija was awful, I hope it was just opening day jitters.

I've like what I've heard from Quade since he got the job but didn't like everything today. 3-0 green light to Pena, it's defensible, but if you look back, this very seldom works out, and you blow your chance at a free base.

Dempster ran up 114 pitches. Easily the most of any opening day start, and the only one to cross 100. Why? He wasn't even doing good. That was a Pinella move. I don't like getting as much as possible out of a guy when he doesn't have his best stuff going. Why do all Cubs managers always leave the starter, especially Dempster, in too long?

The good news is that good seasons always start off with a loss. Also, if you own Correia on your fantasy team, now is the time to sell high, this is probably the last start his ERA will be below 4.

The team looked good to me though, and nothing happened to make me worried about the season.

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