Sunday, April 10, 2011

Standings so far

The Cubs are doing a great job hitting after these eight games, but I don't think they've really faced any good pitchers. Seems like the Cubs have always been better against better pitchers anyway. My point is that we can't say too much about how the offense is doing.

If the Cubs stay at 500 they will probably be in wild card contention for a long time this year. A 500 season and a good september is probably enough to make it in.
The Reds finally started to lose some games so the Cubs are just two back.

The pirates are still in second place. I don't think the team sucks but I still don't see them hanging around long. Brewers are 1 half game behind the Cubs but will be without Greinke for all of April.

It's nice to see the Cardinals keep losing. They are 2-6 by virtue of an averagy offense, bad everything else.

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