Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cubs 4-5 starter replacements give away another

In all replacement starts for the DL stints of Wells, Cashner, and now Garza, the starter has kept the Cubs in 3 games. 2 by Coleman, and one by Davis. Since there has been about 15 of these games total, the Cubs have piled up a hefty list of no-contests.

If the Cubs could have just gone .500 in these games, they'd be in or around first place. It's too bad about Silva, he probably would have done a little better. Maybe with an ERA in the 4s instead of the 7s.

I thought the Cubs were very underrated to start the year, and many of their opponents were overrated. I was robbed of a chance of being right by these injuries.

At least Wells is almost back, and Garza will only be out for a very short time. Soto, also almost back, will surely do better than teh .234/.308/.383 line that Koyie Hill is producing. Soto was off to a slow start this year but is surely the best hitting catcher in the division.

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