Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ugly 8th for the Cubs

Before I get to the 8th inning festivities, Pujols getting to third on some Cubs confusion made the cubs defense look a bit amateurish.

Anyway, it started with an infield single, followed up by a walk. Then a fly ball to right, with Molina on deck. Somehow someway Holliday got to second on that fly. This very likely was the straw that broke the 8th innings back. There is no better double play candidate than Yadier, which would end the inning. Even if a hit found a hole then only 1 would score.

But with second and third the Cubs walked Molina. I disagree but I can see the reasoning. Wood had to then face 2 lefties, he got one to line out but then next one found some green and two runs scored.

If you want a take home message from that 8th, don't mindlessly throw the ball where there is no play when other baserunners can get an extra base.

Side note - A good throw had Holliday easy at the plate, would have saved a run.

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