Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bullpen Management Blows It

It's not the first time and not the last.

Bringing Kerry Wood in for Sean Marshall was a very bad idea. Here are the general ideas to consider.

Anytime you bring a new pitcher into a game, you run the risk of getting someone on a bad day. No pitcher is good everytime they go out there, and yesterday Kerry Wood wasn't on his game. He found it later but the tying run already scored.

Sean Marshall is very good against righties and lefties. Kerry Wood is also about he same vs lefties and righties.

Relievers are better if they start an inning on a clean slate and some time to find it before pitching with runners in scoring position. Pitchers are probably better against the 3rd or 4th batter they face than the first one.

I'm a huge fan of Kerry Wood but I have to admit Sean Marshall has been a bit better for two years now, and Wood JUST came off the DL a few days ago.

To sum up:
Quade runs the risk of bringing in a new reliever when he already has the best one out there for no advantage. He should have expected Ryan Zimmerman to actually do better against Kerry Wood than Sean Marshall.

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