Friday, July 15, 2011

Cubs lose in Cubsian fashion

A quick look at the guys the cubs got beat by at the bottom of the Marlins order along with OBP (which is the stat that killed the Cubs last night)

Mike Stanton .329 - average
Mike Cameron ~.220- horrendous
John Buck .299 - terrible
Greg Dobbs (since he hit the double I will go OPS (729) - marginal
Emilo Bonasomething - .360 - good
Omar Infante .299 - terrible

Then Gaby Sanchez, a good hitter, got a sac fly and that got the Marlins to 4 runs.

So, a pretty bad group in summary. I always thought if teams just didn't swing against Marmol they would have a pretty good chance to get to him. Odds are you won't hit it even if you swing, so why swing?

Now the Cubs have to win 8 of 9 or I was wrong on my prediction of 8 of the first 10.

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