Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ramirez and Pena

Ramirez, Pena, and Lahair all want to play for the Cubs next year. How much of this will happen? It's very unclear with the GM job up in the air. Ramirez wants a 2-3 year deal, I'm not sure about Pena.

I don't have any problem with keeping these people. They've both been pretty good. I don't see a better way to replace them. If both are kept LaHair might go to Japan. I'd be a little sad to see him go but you can't have 2 first basemen. It's possible LaHair could have a pinch hit, sporadic start in the outfield also, which might be preferable to going to Japan for him. I suspect his defense in LF is pretty bad for a career first baseman though, so I wouldn't want him to play many games there.

Jeff Samardzija

"The Cubs have held internal discussions about Jeff Samardzija as a candidate for the starting rotation, Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times writes. The Cubs have less rotation depth than they did earlier this year, as Wittenmyer explains. The right-hander has started five MLB games, but all 69 of his 2011 appearances have been in relief."

according to mlbtradrumors.com.

I called it first. I hope this is real, Samarzija lost some velocity for a while and suffered. Those two events may not be related, but probably are. Samardzija has a very hard fastball right now, hitting 98 at times. He is one of the hardest fastballers in the game. Additionally he's throwing a cutter, slider, and change. He may be throwing some 2 seam fastballs also.

He can get plenty of strikeouts. His only issue right now is the walks. He's walking over 5/9 innings which is very high, but has been improving month to month since April, and has been under 4/9 IP since June.

He's fine against righties but walking 18.8% of lefties. Most good hitters in this division will be right handed, especially with Fielder likely being traded.

Instead of his L/R splits I'd rather focus on the month to month splits, which have been looking pretty good lately. I think this has the potential to pay off huge for the Cubs.