Friday, December 23, 2011

Cubs take big haul for Marshall

Of course, we all love Sean Marshall, mostly due to his greatness, but the Cubs are having a rebuilding year and he only had one year left with the contract. It's not impossible for the Cubs to get him back for 2013 at this point; we'll just have to wait and see.

In return the Cubs have Travis Wood. He is a backend starter who will cost negligable money for several years. He's not good in the traditional sense, but he has value. He won't be used as a playoff starter most likely, but he doesn't suck and will give us a chance to win. He doesn't suck and is favorable to most 5th starters. Travis Wood by himself for 4 years will exceed the value of Marshall in one year.

I finally got the names of the minor leaguers. The best way to describe them is a Starlin Castro type at the plate, but better defensively. They have somewhere around 10 HR potential, but they are high average and obp types. They are also good defensively. They will wear pitchers down with a lot of long at bats, and keep our pitchers fresh with good defense. Ronald Torreyes is a second baseman, and Dave Sappelt can play center. Sappelt could conceivably start 2012 at the big league level, while Torreyes is farther away.

Some of you might be thinking, you can't win championships with these low power guys. That may be true if the entire team was of this manor. However, they are just part of the dream. Get 6 of them for cheap, then load up on two legitimate bats, and you have a winner.

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